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Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • Spin Class, Spin Shoes... is your head spinning yet?

    When the air temperature drops, perhaps so does your motivation to get outside for a workout. Consider trying a spin cycling class! This awesome inside stationary bike workout can be performed year round at your local gym no matter the cold, wind or precipitation. The spin class bikes allow you to adjust the tension to simulate hills. Even though you may not be moving, you still get the benefits of riding outdoors with elevation changes.

    Considered a low-impact exercise (easier on your joints than running, for example), anyone can do a spinning class. It’s a great cardio and calorie-burning workout with the camaraderie of a motivating group environment. The music is always fun and upbeat, too!

    If you have already signed up for your first spin class and are wondering what to wear, regular workout clothes are fine (you may want to avoid long/baggy pants, however). Cycling shorts aren’t mandatory, but may increase your comfort level as you get used to being on a bike saddle. Normal flat soled athletic shoes are fine to wear, especially for beginners. Spin shoes with cleats that clip into the bike’s pedals can make your workout more effective and may be required for come classes.

    You may be wondering exactly how a spinning shoe may help you in your spin class. Cycling specific shoes have stiff soles that enable powerful pedaling strokes. They can be used with so called “clipless” pedals. These types of pedals ease a push/pull action as well as more efficient pedal strokes.

    Gavin Spin Shoe Gavin Spin Shoe

    While conventional road cycling shoes may be used for spin class, there are also spin shoes made just for this purpose. Many mountain bike shoes work too, including the Gavin Mountain Spin Cycling Bike Shoe MTB. The advantage to wearing a sneaker style spin shoe like this is the cleat is recessed into the sole so you may walk around comfortably. These spinning shoes are made of breathable micro fiber fabric and have three adjustable Velcro closures to ensure a perfect fit.

    The Gavin Mountain Spin Cycling Bike Shoes MTB are compatible with SPD, SPD-R and SPD-L cleats. The SPD system is short for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, and is an industry standard. This two-hole system is used on most mountain bike shoes and some road shoes.

    Gavin Mountain Spin Cycling Bike Shoe MTB Gavin Mountain Spin Cycling Bike Shoe MTB

    Check with your gym/spin instructor for specific cleat or MTB shoe and spin shoe compatibility questions before you purchase shoes for spinning class. The Shimano Compatible SPD Cleats work for the Gavin MTB Spin Shoes, and are available to order from RoadBikeOutlet.com.

    A spinning class is a great way to burn some calories, tone your legs and butt, and make some new friends. Visit your local gym and take a class soon!

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