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  • Gavin CORSA Entry Level TRIATHLON Bicycle - Starter TRIATHLON Bike

    The Gavin Corsa Triathlon Bicycle TRI Bike is a superbly equipped entry level triathlon bike. The Gavin Corsa features triathlon specific geometry, a full carbon fork, and Shimano SORA derailleurs.

    Outfitted in tri bars with bar end shifters, the Gavin Corsa comes in a striking matte black. Take off at the start of your first sprint-tri or duathon on this affordable and excellent tri bike.

  • Vilano FORZA 4.0 Triathlon Bicycle TRI Bike

    The Vilano Forza 4.0 Triathlon Bike is the lowest priced triathlon bicycle with Microshift SB-R083 integrated shifters. This is an excellent choice for anyone getting started with triathlons.

    The Forza 4.0 has a lightweight, durable 6061aluminum frame and it comes in matte black. The bars are made of Alloy 6061 Bore and have clip-on tri bars. The Vilano Forza 4.0 is the perfect choice in a budget-friendly, well designed tri bike.

  • Vilano FORZA 3.0 Triathlon Bicycle Shimano Sora TRI Bike

    Vilano FORZA 3.0 Triathlon Bicycle Shimano Sora TRI Bike is a nicely equipped entry level triathlon bike with a Shimano Sora derailleur. The frame is composed of 6061 double butted aluminum and the bike has a 12K carbon fork.

    The integrated brake lever STI shifters provide responsive, smooth shifting. The Vilano Forza 3.0 Tri Bike is a superb choice for anyone getting started in triathlons.

  • Vilano FORZA 1.0 Triathlon Bicycle Shimano 105 TRI Bike

    The Vilano FORZA 1.0 Triathlon Bicycle Shimano 105 TRI Bike has a 12K carbon fork. It has a Shimano 105 rear derailleur and the frame is lightweight 6061 double butted aluminum. The Vilano Forza 1.0 Triathlon Bike is available in matte white.

    With Shimano Tiagra 10-speed integrated shifters and clip on tri bars among its many great features, the Vilano Forza 1.0 Tri Bike is the perfect choice for the cost conscious beginner triathlete.

  • Vilano FORZA 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike Shimano Sora

    The Vilano Forza 3.0 Aluminum Carbon Road Bike comes equipped with a 12K carbon racing fork and Shimano Sora components. An excellent option for exercise, training, and club rides, the Forza 3.0 has 24 speeds.  The integrated brake lever STI shifters are easily accessible and provide responsive, smooth shifting.

    The frame is composed of 6061 double butted aluminum and comes in beautiful matte silver. The wheels of the Vilano Forza 3.0 are 700c with quick release, and the bike comes with platform pedals and toe straps.  The Vilano Forza 3.0 is a quality bike at a great price.

  • The Vilano Shadow - great price with STI shifters

    The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is an ideal option if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, entry level category bike. It’s perfectly suited for a ride to work, exercise/fitness, or club rides. The Shadow features Shimano A070 STI brake lever integrated shifters which offer precise and controllable braking and shifting in a convenient single unit.

    The Shadow has a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with an integrated headset. It ships with free pedals and has quick release front and rear wheels. Its fourteen speeds are sufficient to handle any road situation that may come up.

  • Vilano Tuono - affordable entry level road bike

    The Vilano Tuono Aluminum Road Bike - 21 Speed Shimano is an affordable entry level road bike. The A050 handlebar mounted shifters are easily accessible and provide smooth shifting through 21 speeds. Some of its other key features include an integrated headset and a Shimano drivetrain.



    The bike’s 700c wheels are quick release. The Vilano Tuono’s frame is made of lightweight 6061 aluminum and includes mounts for a water bottle holder and a rear rack. Weighing in at just 24 pounds, the TUONO is built for fast, fun fitness riding and commuting.

  • Aluminum Road Commuter Bike

    The Aluminum Road Bike/Commuter Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c is an economical, basic road bike. Built on a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, it’s a great choice for commuting or light riding. The Aluminum Road Bike/Commuter has Shimano A050 thumb shifters and dual brake levers for convenience. It’s equipped with 21 speeds to handle any road situation from flat to hill .700-ROAD-2013-BLU

    There are mounts for a water bottle holder, and the rear has mount points ready for a rack to hold your lunch, your school books or anything you’d need post-ride. The Commuter has a clean, “unbranded” look, ready for customization. For a smooth ride to work or a weekend jaunt on city streets, the Aluminum Road Bike/Commuter is the perfect option.

  • Portable Exercise Cycling Pedaler

    The Conquer Portable Exercise Bike / Resistance Cycling Pedaler is a compact machine that is ideal for low impact exercise. If you're at work or at home, and want to tone leg or arm muscles, or just burn a few calories, this is the item for you!

    You can dial up the resistance as well - so check it out! It is available in three different models.

    Basic Model

    Electronic Display

    Conquer Portable Mini Resistance Exercise Bike Desk Stationary Cycling

  • Indoor Bike Trainer Buying Guide

    Indoor Bike Trainer

    Has cooler or inclement weather driven you to ride inside? Are you time-crunched and looking for a quick fitness option that can be done in the comfort of your home? Did Daylight Savings Time set the clock back on your outside workouts? An indoor bike trainer is a great choice for beginners through advanced cyclists, or those just interested in cross-training.  Here is a quick guide to some of the types of resistance trainers and roller bike trainers available.

    Resistance trainers, while not exactly the same as road or trail riding outdoors, are an excellent alternative when you want to head out for a ride, but are stuck inside. Indoor bike trainers are portable, more compact than a stationary bike, simple to operate, and ideal for varying budgets and fitness levels. On an indoor trainer you can control your speed and interval workouts in the ideal conditions of your garage or you can watch the big game while riding in your basement.  An indoor bicycle trainer is the perfect piece of equipment to add to your repertoire and keep you on your bike until you can get back outside!

    Roller Bike Trainers

    Roller bike trainers differ from resistance bike trainers in that the rider is not attached to an indoor trainer. The rider balances the bike on top of a set of cylinders (rollers). A rider’s balance is all that holds the bike up, enhancing the workout dramatically. Indoor roller bicycle trainers are simply designed, with most having two rollers for the rear wheel, and one for the front, all of which may be spaced to match the bike’s wheelbase.  Some offer an even more simplistic design where there front wheel locks in to a small base, making the unit even easier to store in small spaces.

    Magnetic Bicycle Trainers

    Magnetic bike trainers are resistance trainers that use opposing magnetic force for the resistance. The bike’s rear wheel is attached to the bike trainer between two magnets. When the resistance is adjusted by separating or bringing the magnets closer, the bike will be easier or harder to pedal. These bicycle trainers are stable, portable, reasonably priced and relatively quiet to use. Overall, a magnetic bicycle trainer is a perfect, affordable choice when one must use an indoor bicycle trainer. The Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand is heavy duty yet it is easily foldable with a wallet-friendly price! 530-TRAINER-TQJS-03.01Also worth noting, the Indoor Bike Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand with Shifter has an extra wide frame for increased stability and a remote adjustment that can change the magnetic resistance as you ride.

    Fluid Bicycle Trainers

    Another type of resistance trainer is the fluid bike trainer. These indoor bike trainers are similar to the straight up magnetic bike trainers. They both have a magnetic flywheel; however the fluid trainer adds the resistance with friction from a disk that spins through fluid held inside a chamber. The pros of an indoor fluid bike trainer are many, including nearly silent operation, resistance that increases as the rider speeds up, and an overall closer-to-reality riding experience.

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